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Do you sometimes feel you lose your connection to yourself in a busy lifestyle? Maybe you even feel you lack energy or creativity?

Did you know that deep lung-filled breath has massive health benefits like stress reduction, mental clarity, emotional well-being, detoxification, increased creativity, libido and energy not to mention spiritual expansion?


I facilitate Breathwork ceremonies. Breathwork can help us access an altered state of consciousness where we can connect not only to ourselves but to the whole universe. In this state we often receive profound guidance and clarity. The breathwork ceremonies I offer is a space where it is possible to let go of control, liberate old repressed emotions by accessing altered states of consciousness for healing, expansion and exploration. It enables us to connect with our essence, our emotions, our soul, spirit. Every journey is unique. After the breath journey where we often “fly very high”, you are gracefully guided back with gentle grounding.


The modality I facilitate is more feminine. I believe there is nothing broken in you that needs to be fixed, changed or saved. I invite you to connect to your own divinity, welcome miracles of consciousness and a revelation to the wholeness that already exists within you. All emotions are welcomed as sacred guardians inviting you into deeper alignment with your higher self. The breath helps us create space in our hearts to embrace any abandoned parts of ourselves longing for love. This modality can help you experience expanded states of consciousness to commune with your heart, higher self, soul and source. By breathing in a certain way we are enabled to awaken to the wisdom of the heart, enter into the vibration of unity where oneness is not just a concept, but a tangible feeling of our connection to all life. These ceremonies are a living transmission of the Beautyway. The connection practices in these ceremonies are designed to open the heart, invite grace and assist us in becoming our own answered prayer. Breathwork ceremonies can help you realize your own divine sovereignty. You are holy, good, pure and free.  As a Breathwork facilitator I share a unique rainbow of my own medicine weaved into the ceremony. My passion is to create a space where the unfolding of the highest potentials and inner wisdom of every beauty-walker of life can unfold.

I have tried many different breathwork modalities, however, Breath of Bliss, that I am trained in, touched my heart, my soul, my whole being, however it had to be modified for the nordic energies.

Every single experience I have had with breathwork is different, but each of them has been immensely significant for my understanding of myself and connection to the whole. The plant medicine of air is pure magic.


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Energywork & Coaching


I offer sessions of energy healing. I believe that we are our own healers. I can however assist in creating a space, where your own body wisdom can begin its own healing. Together we will find the most comfortable way to do this. It can either be in person or over distance. It sometimes can also include different form of instruments such as the drum, rattle, singing bowl or click sticks. During a session, guidance from other realms may also come through for you. . We all need assistance for our own healing once in a while, all we need to do is ask.


I also offer a holistic approach to coaching and have been certified in different coaching modalities. However, over time I have created my own approach combining all that I have learned and I constantly seek to refresh my offering as I evolve myself. I believe self-love is key, if we are to step into our own sovereignty and access our highest potential. It all starts within.


I believe you are already whole, and I believe that you are your own shaman/guru/teacher. You are your own healer. You are the bearer of your truth. I can offer to create a space, where you can access your own inner wisdom, remember your passion, remember your purpose, remember who you are.

I might ask the question, but you have the answer.





Besides breathwork ceremonies I occasionally create or co-create different Ceremonies. I have mostly co-created Cacao ceremonies if I feel the calling or I am asked to assist. Cacao ceremonies have a special place in my heart and has existed for thousands of years. It has been traced all the way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions, used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes, helping us awaken. Raw, pure cacao is often used as a heart opening medicine for people to safely experience awakenings, revelations and inner healing, enhance our creativity, discover our truth and sovereignty. It is called the food for the Gods.


Cacao ceremonies are sacred rituals, where intentions are set and once the cacao is consumed often euphoric states are unlocked, negative emotions can be released and we are enabled to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our bodies and around us.


Sacred Cacao guides us on an inner journey deep into the emotional center of our body – our spiritual hearts and our core.






If you have a desire to co-create something with me, I am very open to suggestions. I am also very open to assisting anyone who needs a helping hand for their events, retreats, ceremonies.


Let us dream it into being! Let us co-create! Let us lift each other!


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