>>>Recently I participated in one of Shikoba’s breathwork ceremonies. Right from the very beginning I felt like I was in the presence of a deeply caring, spiritual & grounded person. Skikoba has a beautiful and calming nature that allows you to relax and let go of fear. I completely resonated with her story and through hearing it gave me the courage to dive into my own journey of discovery and let go of things that didn’t serve me. During the journey, I felt safe and guided the entire time. Every song chosen, every word spoken allowed me to go deeper and deeper. I felt both physical and emotional release. I was completely amazed by the whole experience to be honest.

Thank you Shikoba. I am beyond grateful for you and what you created through your magic.

Renee Manning, Australia


>>>Shikoba is a calm, loving breathwork facilitator full of light. I enjoy so much to be in her gentle and tendering energy. I felt contented and safe in her ceremony, with her guidance I’m able to open my heart even more with courage, faith and love to see the important messages beyond the vast unknown inside me. She is a gift from God to me and you, I highly recommend her ceremony to everyone who are willing to connect with your soul and divinity.

Jennifer, Hong Kong


>>> I have had the honor to take part both in in-person healing and in distance healing by Shikoba. It is difficult for me to put into words the strength, beauty, and blessing of this experience. I can only give my complete recommendation to any offering shared by Shikoba. You can try in person with her in Copenhagen, or connect in distance from any location. I’m excited about her current event and retreat offerings. I have complete trust, that Shikoba offers the clearest Source-based healing and ceremonial beauty to anyone, who enters her space. I look forward also to our co-creations as well, and welcome to the events and retreats.

Helena Karhu,  M.Soc.Sc, BA

Founder of Karhun Talo (House of the Bear), Finland   -  Founder of UMAO Healing & Artwork, Copenhagen


>>> I adore being around Shikoba and in her Breath Ceremonies. She is a powerhouse of presence, warmth and truth. Shikoba creates such a beautiful space that's both loving and potent. I adore her authenticity and courage. Her ceremonies are such a wonderful experience. You get to relax, surrender and connect with the deepest parts of yourself in such a safe and nourishing way. Shikoba is a gift. She's so committed to being and creating authenticity that she sparks this in everyone around her. I highly recommend her as a facilitator and anything she chooses to do. All she breathes into this world is golden. She does so with such pure intention for the highest good of all. My wish for you is that you get to experience her magic.

Thea Simone, New Zealand


>>> It was a real delight to experience a breath ceremony facilitated by Shikoba. I've experienced many breathwork workshops and Shikoba is a total natural. She has a very calming and grounding presence so I immediately felt comfortable and safe. Shikoba speaks so fluidly from the heart, with so much love and compassion and is completely present with everyone in the room. I felt very nurtured and completely trusted Shikoba to lead me in this workshop which allowed me to really explore deep and intimate parts of my inner being. Shikoba has a real unique gift and deep wisdom she naturally radiates that should be shared with the world and I am so grateful to have been able to experience one of her events and hope to attend many more from her in the future. The world needs more leaders like Shikoba!

- Sylvia Sobota, Holistic Practitioner, England

>>> I was guided to receive a reading from Shikoba. I have actually had more clarity in my life than I've ever had recently but I still felt her reading would be very beneficial to me during this time. Sometimes receiving confirmation can help us when we are faced with the obstacles and challenges we all must go through in order to evolve and gain the lessons we need in order to get where we are working towards. I find it sometimes helps me find the inner strength and courage within myself to continue with focus and determination. This reading did just that - it was exactly what I needed at this time to have that push and confidence to fully commit to the tasks I am being presented with and I know it will be a useful source of guidance and motivation that I can refer back to when I am confused, challenged or doubting myself. 

I could feel the powerful channelled energy in this reading as I read and it really was completely in alignment with me. There was nothing I did not relate to and was even in awe at the accuracy. This reading left me feeling full of excitement!

Shikoba is truly gifted, full of wisdom and such a pure channel of love and truth - a rare gem that I have had the honour of experiencing with this reading and in her breathwork facilitation. This girl can seriously move mountains with her love and compassionate warrior spirit!
Forever grateful and so much love.


>>> Dear Shikoba. It is hard to find the right words regarding the reading. How to put into words, the magic of this ancient system and you serving it so beautifully? But first of all THANK YOU SO MUCH

I was blown away by the extensiveness of the reading and especially its depth. In a way, I felt seen on a level beyond borders. On a level words cannot describe. I was very touch by it.

So much resonated deeply within me and made a lot of sense while some aspects seem more hidden to me at the moment. Like they will not make sense until later.

The reading confirmed the feeling I have had for a long time that this year will a big and significant one in my life on so many levels. But still, it made me kind of breathless to read in what way and the depth of it!

I am full of trust, excitement and gratitude of what is to come and I have deep trust in knowing everything will be exactly how it is supposed to be

I feel like I have to get one of these readings every year from now

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wisdom and service - it is as always the biggest gift to receive something from you