Yellow Galactic Sun is a company enveloping many different creations under its wings. Its founder, Shikoba, has started various companies throughout her life in many different areas of business. Over the past 5 years she has gradually committed herself to her spiritual path that has been calling her very strongly since childhood. After several encounters with different Shamans, Oracles, Seers and most importantly her own guidance, she started to understand her different way of operating in this world, her unconventional way of thinking and how she is called into service of this planet and all of its inhabitants.  She is learning to combine the different elements from various traditions she has encountered and learned from, and is now weaving them into a new way of practicing her own unique magic in this lifetime. She doesn't identify with any particular lineage, instead she feels what she has to offer is new - in deep honoring of the ancestors.

She has committed herself to constant evolution and self-discovery, and has travelled deep within and without, stripping layer after layer, searching for her own truth and authenticity, while inspiring others to do the same. A constant journey leading her into the magic of all that is. She believes that in order for her to assist others, she must walk the path herself, in order for her to truly embody her offerings. She has attended various trainings around the world, and has been the apprentice of several teachers. Through her many encounters she has found that she is excellent at empowering others, assisting them in finding their truth and purpose and lift them up where they can witness themselves as already whole. She has found that her presence activates the lifeforce energy of others.

Shikoba merges modern day elements with ancient wisdom. She is dedicated in assisting and guiding people on a transformational journey and empower anyone who crosses her path to awaken and explore their connection, devotion and love to themselves, Spirit and our beautiful home - Mother Earth. She is deeply connected to this Earth and is a humble servant of the Master Plant Teachers.

“I believe that we all bring unique gifts into this world. I believe that everything we are seeking rests inside our being, waiting to be discovered, explored, created. We are not here to copy the old ways or others - we are here to birth a New Earth, -together. I am here to assist and empower others to re-awaken to their inherent unique essence and gifts they bring into this world. We are not separate from anything or each other. All is connected. All is weaved into the same web of life. Together we make a whole. It is time we remember who we are. It is time we are empowered and trust in ourselves and our contribution to the whole. You are important, you are loved, you are special. I am here to assist you in any way I can, to step into your own sovereignty. It all begins inside each and every one of us. You are the one you have been looking for”

- Shikoba