1:1 Sessions & Readings


I offer 1:1 sessions of breathwork, energy healing and mentoring. In reality I believe that we are our own healers. I can however assist in creating a space, where your own body wisdom can initiate its own healing. Together we will find the most comfortable way to do this. During a session, guidance from other realms may come through for you. . We all need assistance for our own healing once in a while, all we need to do is ask when we feel the call.

1:1 breathwork sessions is for those who feel called to be held in their process in a depeer way. Those who are in the midst of deep processes, can sometimes experience that a group setting is too much for their nervous system, and feel called towards a more private setting. (Read more about breathwork under "Breath Journey)


I also offer readings in an ancient system I have been initiated into. It is a system that combines many other systems such as ancient egyptian symbols, astrology, astronomy, numerology etc. - and combined with my intuitive abilities, I can read into your year ahead.

You will then recieve between 10-15 pages, that you can print out and read multiple times. The reason I offer this in writing instead of an in-person session, is because then you always have the reading, and can easily read into the specific months, whenever you feel the need for guidance around the specific experiences and challenges that might arise during the year ahead. Also, I experience that many will forget half of what I say in a live session, because so much information is provided.



I also offer a holistic approach to mentoring and have been certified in different coaching modalities. However, over time I have created my own approach combining all that I have learned and I constantly seek to refresh my offering as I evolve myself. I believe self-love is key, if we are to step into our own sovereignty and access our highest potential. It all starts within. A mentorin session with me, is more of a "coffee-date" - we meet as equals, share from the heart, and acknowledge all that arises, in a safe bubble of recognition and safety.


I believe you are already whole, and I believe that you are your own shaman/guru/teacher. You are your own healer. You are the bearer of your truth. I can offer to create a space, where you can access your own inner wisdom, remember your passion, remember your purpose, remember who you are.

I might ask the question, but you have the answer.

Contact me if you feel called towards a 1:1 setting in one of the options above. Often, a session end up including all 3 services.


Ceremonies & Retreats


Besides breathwork ceremonies I occasionally create or co-create different Ceremonies and Retreats. Women's retreats, Breathwork & Silence Retreats etc. I also work with many different types of herbs and plants and the wonderful healing  Mother Earth provides.


Ceremonies in deep meditation with her are sacred rituals, where intentions are set and old emotions can be released and we are enabled to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our bodies and around us. Free ourselves from past conditioning and reconnect to our true self.

Ex. Sacred Cacao guides us on an inner journey deep into the emotional center of our body – our spiritual hearts and our core.


Contact me for more information and for upcoming retreats.



Breath Journey


Do you sometimes feel you lose your connection to yourself in a busy lifestyle? Maybe you even feel you lack energy or creativity?

Did you know that deep lung-filled breath has massive health benefits like stress reduction, mental clarity, emotional well-being, detoxification, increased creativity, libido and energy not to mention spiritual expansion?


I facilitate Breathwork ceremonies and also 1:1 sessions (read more about those under 1:1 sessions). Breathwork can be experienced in many different ways. For some people it is a very physical experience, for others a very emotional experience, and lastly it can be a very spiritual experience - and sometimes it is all of it combined. Breathwork can open us up to accessing an altered state of consciousness where we can connect not only to the deepest parts of ourselves but also the universal blueprint. In this state we often receive profound guidance and clarity. The breathwork circles I offer is a space where it is possible to let go of control, liberate old repressed emotions and accessing altered states of consciousness for healing, expansion and exploration. In many businesses it is also offered for the administration and staff to gain more clarity and boost perfomance levels, as breathwork has multiple benefits.


The modality I facilitate is more feminine - I don't believe we have to force anything. I don't believe there is anything broken in you that needs to be fixed, changed or saved. However, we all carry stories, emotions, trauma and conditioning from childhood and life in general, that can hold us back in many ways. It leaves us with a feeling of separation/fragmentation/sadness/anger and sometimes we start looking for something to make us feel better from the "outside". We can end up seeking recognition, love, confirmation, happiness etc from outside of us/from others, -but I it cannot be found until we find it from inside ourselves. Breathwork can assist us in accessing our inherent creator, and assist us in letting go of all that is keeping us stuck.

I invite you to connect to your own divinity, welcome miracles of expanded consciousness and a revelation to the wholeness that already exists within you. All emotions are welcomed as sacred guardians inviting you into deeper alignment with yourself. The breath helps us create space in our hearts to embrace any abandoned parts of ourselves longing for love. By breathing in a certain way we are enabled to awaken to the wisdom of the heart, enter into the vibration of unity where oneness is not just a concept, but a tangible feeling of our connection to all life.

The connection practices in these circles are designed to open the heart, invite in grace and assist us in becoming our own answered prayer. Breathwork circles can help us realize our own divine sovereignty.  As a Breathwork facilitator I share a unique rainbow of my own medicine weaved into the ceremony. My passion is to create a space where the unfolding of the highest potentials and inner wisdom can unfold.

I have tried many different breathwork modalities myself, however, I lean towards the more feminine approach. 

Every single experience I have had with breathwork is different, but each of them have been immensely significant for my understanding of myself and my connection to the whole. The plant medicine of air is pure magic in my opinion.

If you feel the call, come and breathe with me.

*** Note: If you book a spot at an event with me, there is no refund, unless event is cancelled. However, you are welcome to sell/transfer the spot to someone else, and send me the name of the person coming instead of you. If the event is an all-womens event, you can of course only transfer to another woman.





If you have a desire to co-create something with me, I am very open to suggestions. I am also very open to assisting anyone who needs a helping hand for their events, retreats, ceremonies.


Let us dream it into being! Let us co-create! Let us lift each other!